Masters thesis and parallel computing

I am currently taking a course on Parallel Computing this semester under Dr. F. Cabarle. The course will require programming on a graphics processing unit (GPU) using CUDA C by NVIDIA. It has been a while since I have written a program in C since I have been coding in Java ever since I started working at DOST-ASTI. I need to refresh my C programming skills then for this sem, at least the minimum concepts necessary for writing CUDA applications.

We will also be required to submit reviews of all our required readings for the class. The last time I attended a class with paper review requirement was during our Advanced Computer Networks class under Dr. C. Festin. You can browse through my blog and will find some of my short reviews of the assigned readings for my networks class.

Lastly, the course will also require a project wherein the concepts of parallel computing will be applied. I have not yet decided on my topic for the project but I might work on implementing one of the algorithms in my masters thesis using DOST-ASTI’s GPU cluster.

Since I still need to simulate the algorithms in my thesis and do some revisions of my manuscript, I need to budget my time well if I want to do well in this course and at the same time finish my masters requirements this semester.


About Jeffrey A. Aborot

> Background: BS Computer Science, University of the Philippines Baguio. > Work: Advanced Science and Technology Institute - Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines. > Academics: MS Computer Science (on-going), Algorithms and Complexity Laboratory, Computer Science Department, UP Diliman > Languages: Filipino, Tagalog, Cuyunon, English, Java, Python, C. > Operating Systems: Linux, OSX. > Weird Stuff: Bunch of Pentax film cams.
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