On Frenzy of Reading Books . . . Again


The end of year 2012 has come to me extraordinarily as I found my self getting back into the frenzy of reading books…again. I have been a long fan of the case of a boy who flies through the wind at night and dwells in an island called Neverland, never growing old and always chasing out adventure every tick of the clock. Of course that has to be Peter Pan (Hey, who does not know Peter? Kids nowadays maybe?). Add to that the great stories crafted by Tolkien, namely Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarilion and several other pieces, and those written by C.S. Lewis like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and his several writings on life and philosophy (and maybe faith, subtly).


As the end of 2012 approached I found my self reading literary books again. (Most of my readings during year 2012 has been on scientific journals, papers and books.) Every trip to the mall is synonymous to hunting books in Booksale outlets. Some past curiosities of my childhood days came to surface again. Daydreams of dragons, dwarves, elves, halflings, barbarians, vikings, wizards and several other mythical creatures of great stories once again occupied my always working mind. They became the major subjects of my book-hunting sessions in every Booksale outlets I go into. Scientific foundation books are still on my shopping list of course and for a man of science that will always be true. On the other hand, these book-hunting sessions has taken a toll on my resources like time and money without me becoming aware of it. I once went to Booksale to check some new stocks and walked out of the store six to seven books richer and more or less one-thousand five-hundred pesos poorer.


Half unaware, I came to start reading several classic pieces like The Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens written during the early 1800s, Stuart Little by E. B. White also written during the 1800s, and of course The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. I also started looking for several contemporary series by R. A. Salvatore like The Legend of Drizzt (of which, Book 6: The Legacy, I have read just before Christmas ) and his other trilogies (a note, R. A. S. began writing about elves, dwarves and heroes when he got inspired by Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings). The two books Peter and the Starcatchers and Peter and the Shadow Thieves by D. Barry and R. Pearson also caught my curiosity (and several other books by the authors like Peter and the Secret of Rundoon). In their writings the authors imaginatively told the story of how Peter Pan came to be, from an orphan who does know his family name to a flying, never-aging boy. Gladly, I also got my hands on one of Phillip Pullman‘s works, The Amber Spyglass (of which his other first two books, The Golden Compass and A Subtle Knife, are still on my hunt list) and two of J. Stroud‘s works, Heroes of the Valley and The Golem’s Eye (which is the third book of a trilogy), each of which are still on my soon-to-read list.


I admire story tellers, I mean those good ones of course. Not all could tickle your mind and bring it into a lullaby of imagination. Not all authors could put you into Peter Pan’s shoes and soar the night sky or into Mr. Pickwick’s suit and join your gang of gentlemen into some countryside silly adventures. I love books and enjoy reading them as much as I admire their authors. Books are like ticket to a movie house. Only, the movie plays on your mind and it takes a handful of good imagining to experience so. Reading a book is more participative, I should say, as compared to watching a movie wherein the cast and the staff already did all the imagining for you.


Deep inside my mind, I am thinking that, perhaps in a very subtle manner, I love reading books and good story tellers because I myself dream of becoming a good story teller at some point in time of my life…ala Bilbo Baggins.


Now, it is time to get back to my books…once again.


Excelsior! Jeff



About Jeffrey A. Aborot

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