Advanced Computer Networks. . .Achilles’ Heel

Oooh yeah! Tonight will be my first class on Advanced Computer Networks (C. Festin). Honestly, network is a subject of which I am not really very fond of and not really good at. I hope though that this semester my interest in computer networks will get sparked up..the theoretical side of it to be more specific. I am expecting a load of papers to read for this subject this sem. (Good thing I have already adjusted to having the need to read papers instead of textbooks and recognizing the fact that scientific papers are the tools of the trade for scientific researchers.)

I hope to someday solve or contribute to the solution of a hard computational problem using the idea of computer networks. I pray that I would be able to write a paper on this subject this sem for publication..more inclined to Quantum Computing of course. I am excited to look into Quantum Computer Networks and see what I can contribute to the current body of knowledge.

Hopefully my professor would be able to make me imagine of what lies beyond the state of the art and not just to do things as the current technology prescribes. So help me God ^__^




About Jeffrey A. Aborot

> Background: BS Computer Science, University of the Philippines Baguio. > Work: Advanced Science and Technology Institute - Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines. > Academics: MS Computer Science (on-going), Algorithms and Complexity Laboratory, Computer Science Department, UP Diliman > Languages: Filipino, Tagalog, Cuyunon, English, Java, Python, C. > Operating Systems: Linux, OSX. > Weird Stuff: Bunch of Pentax film cams.
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