First Day High! AY 2012-2013 2nd Sem :3

Okaaay. My classes this sem has just started Thursday last week. This will be my 4th sem in MS and it feels like it is the first. I feel like that every sem actually. Oddly, this will be my first sem ever wherein I will take up 3 subjects (9 units). I usually take up 2 subjects only every sem since I am a working student. It will be a huge thing for me to entrust to God and by faith He will help me through the sem with high enthusiasm and flying colors.

By the way my classes for this sem are Complexity Theory (H. Adorna), Advanced Computer Networks (C. Festin) and Quantum Computing ā¤ (P. Naval). My thesis track for MS is on Quantum Computing and just last night I witnessed a momentous event. I attended my first ever class on the first ever (most likely) lecture on Quantum Computing in the Philippines!! by Professor P. Naval, November 13, 2012, 6 in the evening, ERDT Room, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman. I will not forget that very day. Awesomeness! \m/

Of course I am also excited with my two other subjects as well. By God’s grace I will be able to publish one paper for each of my subjects. So help me God. ~_<


About Jeffrey A. Aborot

> Background: BS Computer Science, University of the Philippines Baguio. > Work: Advanced Science and Technology Institute - Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines. > Academics: MS Computer Science (on-going), Algorithms and Complexity Laboratory, Computer Science Department, UP Diliman > Languages: Filipino, Tagalog, Cuyunon, English, Java, Python, C. > Operating Systems: Linux, OSX. > Weird Stuff: Bunch of Pentax film cams.
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