Memories of Childhood Scribbles

I have always been a fan of art in general. Ever since I was a kid I always liked drawing things which interest me. When I was in Kindergarten 2 I started having an interest in free hand drawing.

I wanted to draw Puti, a typical family dog in a Pinoy family, (most probably next to Bantay in least during that time 🙂 ) a character in our class’ textbook. At that time I still didn’t have that much hand control to draw a recognizable image of a always turned out like gingers..LOL 😀

Then Papa taught me this technique of tracing an image in a book. That time we didn’t have that much onion skin papers around so he taught me of an alternative. He poured a small amount of kerosene in a sheet of bond paper and then gently spread it till it dried. That made the bond paper more like an onion skin paper. He then put it on top of a page of my book where Puti is printed. That moment was magic to me 😀 I can see Puti through the kerosene-smelling bond paper my father prepared for me..and that was a WOW moment for me least during my time (kids nowadays are stuck with PSPs and DS)..hehe 🙂 From that day on I started tracing all characters on any textbooks I could get a hold on..from houses to trees, to cats and dogs..and of course, it was the early 90’s, who could have missed the X-Men Blue Team


..oooh I can still remember my Wolverines with two biceps for each arm..LOL 😀

sigh…I really wish I saved those precious childhood scribbles of mine.. regrets T_T

About Jeffrey A. Aborot

> Background: BS Computer Science, University of the Philippines Baguio. > Work: Advanced Science and Technology Institute - Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines. > Academics: MS Computer Science (on-going), Algorithms and Complexity Laboratory, Computer Science Department, UP Diliman > Languages: Filipino, Tagalog, Cuyunon, English, Java, Python, C. > Operating Systems: Linux, OSX. > Weird Stuff: Bunch of Pentax film cams.
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2 Responses to Memories of Childhood Scribbles

  1. aboyDaen says:

    sayang hindi mo natago yung mga drawing! I felt so happy after reading your wow moment, especially since it was a result of your father’s idea. you’re blessed to have experienced that from your dad.

    gawa ka na lang bagong drawings! 🙂

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