The Difficulty of Estimating Work With So Little Information About Requirements

The morning the other day I received a chat from my college batch mate. She was asking me about how, in our office, we come up with work estimates in the projects that we do. Then she told me that she is having difficulties in coming up with work estimates for their upcoming major project because their client has hardly specified a concrete set of system requirements. Well, I told her that that really is a big problem on their part and on my head, i was thinking from a software quality assurance point of view, there will be no solid way of verifying and validating the system because there is no established set of expectations from the client.

I guess we will all agree that this problem is really common to most software development firms. A very few clients really realize the fact that they are the main stakeholders of the system to be developed, hence, they lack the enthusiasm to roll their sleeves up and think hard of the very specific details of system that they want to have. Later after the project has already been done, the budget, time and effort of the developers already spent, countless sleepless nights for the developers catching those pesky bugs, infrastructure already laid down, will they then say bluntly to the software development firm that what they have now is not what they were expecting to have. Then additional budget will be cashed out for the revisions of unexpected modules and to the dismay of the developers, deletion of some unwanted features (there goes my sleepless nights..sigh T_T).

to be continued…

About Jeffrey A. Aborot

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2 Responses to The Difficulty of Estimating Work With So Little Information About Requirements

  1. narod says:

    sir jep! ang galing ng blog nyo. congrats! very informative. keep it up! \m/

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